The Great state of YUCATAN

Yucatán is actually home to a breathtaking mix of cultural as well as ancient secrets. It is reasonable to state that most visitors visit the state for its Maya ruins, which are as magical as they are numerous and diverse. Some likewise arrive here to obtain certain cheap beachfront Yucatan Real Estate. Locations such as Chichen Itza plus Uxmal are a must see regarding their soaring temples and impressive scope, as tinier ruins offer an familiarity and/or beauty that emphasize to you, these are not only pure stone monuments: someone really stayed right here.


Yucatan’s modern civilization is both equally abundant, starting at Merida, which is the state’s vibrant colonial capital, in which you can as readily enjoy a 400 year old chapel as shop in a sparkling cutting edge mall, or shop for manually crafted hammock’s a short distance from a marvelous modern day art gallery. Beyond Merida are littler villages including Valladolid and Izamal, not to mention isolated local towns, where Yucatec Maya, not necessarily spanish language, is actually the prevalent language, and pre Latino beliefs and traditions live on.


The state further carries incredible all natural assets, starting from world class bird watching (such as the world’s broadest community of American flamingos) to geologic attractions like cenote’s and a great system of caverns and below the ground rivers. And you maybe impressed how often tradition and nature go hand in hand, as on a visit of cenotes using colonial aged light rails once utilized for the all important henequen harvest, or even flamingo watching in swamplands utilized by Mayan sodium suppliers a one thousand years earlier. In summary, the state of Yucatan is the type of place you can enjoy several weeks, and continue to have enough left over for the second trip…

pet travel information about Yucatan

Just Dogs and Cats have always been viewed pets concerning regulation reason

Consider, you can travel widely throughout Mexico alongside your furry friend while not having health standard, it is merely required prior to bringing your domesticated pet inside Mexico out of an alternate country.Image

Anytime yourself return to Mexico combined with your dog or cat in the airport, you ought to give notice to SAGARPA workforce whom can conduct physical assessment and also verify that your furry friend has the correct papers:

1)      The Health record original and duplicate, given by the doctor (it is granted to show multiple pets on your health certificate):

•   Address of the exporter along with importer [address of source and destination address at Mexico].

•   That your pet has been vaccinated for rabies, indicating the date of health record and expiration time of the vaccine. Family pets under 3 months old is going to be excused.

•   In which the pet was treated for harmful bacteria, much less than six months preceding to travel and is at this moment free of all the parasites.

•   Name, signature and also professional certificate no. regarding the Medical physician giving the Health Certificate.

1.If your certification is not complete, a licensed Medical physician will be consulted with your expense, to deliver a brand-new valid health document along with provide the medication necessary.

2!      Your pet really should arrive to Mexico in a cage, or pet carrier of any kind, that is thoroughly clean, lacking bedclothes, or accessories,

3…      You may perhaps bring a day´s share of dry dog food when traveling with your pet and or an unopened bag that must be properly labeled in english and also spanish

Please Remember: A overall of 20 kilo gram per household is authorized, in up to 2 packages equaling that quantity

4.      Should you send out your pet in cargo you will need to make use of the services of a Customs Broker to clear Customs preceding to submission with SAGARPA/SENASICA tariff free regulations. Please try to forbid that your pet will go as part of cargo, brokers commission is very high, approximately $ 800 (usd)

A Health Certificate awarded by a private Medical Veterinarian should be printed on top of a letterhead, having the professional license number or even a photocopy of the particular license, signature in original and simple copy form.

If you are transporting 1 to 3 pets, the Animal Health Import Certificate routine is free of charge. If you happen to be importing 4 or more pets, the costs of the Import Certificate would likely be $1800 pesos (this quantity can vary in compliance utilizing the Federal Tax statute).

In the instance you wish to move a live creature that is not a dog or cat, such as a ferret and so forth. you gotta finalize a group of standards available in Módulo de Consulta de los Requisites Zosanitarios de Importación.

Yucatan Dream Properties wishes you a protected travel alongside your pet into the Yucatan. And Do not forget, Dogs are acceptable on the beach locations in the Yucatan, but solely on a leash.

Why are millions of Americans and Canadians moving to Mexico?

Where to buy dirt cheap beach front properties? You have to look 200 miles west of Cancun. Beachfront lots are starting at $2,500 a linear meter. Beachfront homes starting at $125,000  The temperatures are fantastic all year round. Even during Christmas you can swim in your own pool or in the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Even if you don’t  live here year round you can rent out your house to tourists for extra income.


Mexico is the closest southern neighbor to the U.S. with all the good roads, high-speed communications, and health care that you’d expect up north. Not just for Americans, but for Canadians, Europeans, …anyone looking for great weather, low prices, rich culture, and friendly people.

Wherever you go in Mexico, the people will charm you, the natural beauty will seduce you, and the remarkably affordable cost of living will entice you to stay. Think about it ……….  white sandy beaches, colonial towns, ancient Mayan pyramids, Yucatan jungle, swim in the blue clear water of Cenotes. The Yucatan has it all: rich culture, perfect climate, affordable living, not to mention jungles, beaches, and just about everything inbetween.


A cleaning lady or a gardener is cheap. For approx. $10 they clean your house or maintain your garden.  Property tax for an oceanfront house is around $300 a year. Let us show you around when you are visiting the beautiful coast of the Yucatan.


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